Freelance Corporate Special Event Photographer in New York

Freelance Corporate Special Event Photographer in New York

Credit Union National Association Convention 2013, New York City

CUNA’s 2013 national convention at New York’s Midtown Hilton

Association, Banquest and Convention photography in New York City
Bill Cheney, President, CUNA Credit Union National Association

New York’s largest hotel was host to this 4-day event, and I was hired to photograph the entire3 convention, from the general assemblies to the daily breakout sessions and special events that took place all over two floors of the giant place, as well as a party at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The photographs were submitted on-site and used immediately for the organization’s various media outlets, and I created a daily slideshow of around 50 images from the day before, shown during breakfast and the general assemblies.

Photographing conventions like these presents the usual challenges of constantly moving from room to room with hugely disparate light sources & high, black ceilings (eliminating a lot of bounce light possibilities) plus moving targets, and often very dim, unflattering ambient light. While I almost always use flash in these conditions, I also try to minimize its apparent effects so the results look natural. Whenever possible I get it off the camera and strategically placed for better depth and to eliminate the white-foreground-black-background look of flash.

The event ran smoothly and I enjoyed working with the CUNA team from Madison, WI (not far from where I grew up). Here are a few highlights from the hundreds of photos I shot at the meeting.