Freelance Corporate Special Event Photographer in New York

Freelance Corporate Special Event Photographer in New York


PR photography of politicians in New York City
Mayor Ed Koch speaks at Corporate Luncheon in New York

Enjoy some peace of mind by hiring an experienced veteran for your corporate event photography.

My extensive experience, tuned eye, and attention to detail assure that you will get the images you need.

I do not send out “stringers” unless additional photographers are requested. And I don’t just promise results…I guarantee them.

Your goal is my goal. Whether It´s getting as much press for your event as possible or making sure your clients/guests/employees have a good time and remember your party (and you and your company) for years to come, I have an extensive arsenal of tools and skills to help make it happen.


  • Drop images into your Powerpoint presentation or slide show-even during your event (*requires prior arrangement)
  • Get in the news by sending photos with your caption to the press immediately following (or even during) your event.*
  • Update your web site with photos from your event as it unfolds*.
  • Offer your guests online previews, where they can order their own prints directly from the lab, the very next day*!


Celebrity photographer in New York City: Dan Aykroyd at corporate party
Dan Aykroyd at corporate party

Review and share all of your event photographs anywhere with no messengers, no delays, at no extra charge, using online previews.

And you can let your guests help themselves! Stop trying to track everyone down just to give them their pictures.

With prior arrangement, I can provide a “photo pass”, with a URL and password that will allow them to go online and see their photos within 2 days of your event. They can order their own prints (or any number of fun Photo Gifts and Premiums) directly from the lab. You decide whether to prepay or let them buy their own. Either way, beautifully-finished prints are shipped directly to your guests from the lab. The prints are affordable, and the convenience is FREE!


  •  Instead of just “covering” your event, I can set up a portable studio to create exquisite portraits and small group shots that will delight and please for decades. It´s a great way to make people feel special, especially at formal events.
  • Let my Photoshop expertise improve on reality! Colors can be made more saturated, distracting backgrounds and unsightly details softened or eliminated. Basic corrections such as removing blemishes and softening lines, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes are all very inexpensive. And special effects such as adding a person who missed a group photo shoot can (sometimes) be accomplished with no traces of retouching.
  • In addition to digital prints that exceed the quality of old-fashioned enlargements, you can now get unique, affordable gift items with photos from your events printed on them. Mouse pads, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts and more.

Just looking for good old high-quality photography?

Celebrity newsman Bill Moyers photograph
Bill Moyers at LIU’s Polk Awards

That’s really always been our specialty, and it hasn’t changed.

In addition to the speed, convenience, and extras available, every frame Mark shoots exists in the form of a very high-resolution “negative”, from which you can have all of the following, with no compromise in quality compared to film*:

  • All of your photos in a stack of beautiful snapshot-sized prints or enlarged contact sheets, just like the old days!
  • B&W? Color? You can have either or both from every frame Mark shoots. All originals start out as color, and we can convert them to B&W that looks just like they were shot that way.
  • Beautiful, archival enlargements up to 40 x 60
  • Retouched, hi-resolution files optimized for Annual Reports, Magazine Ads, Newspapers and Newsletters, Trade Show Exhibits, or electronic presentations and the Internet

All at very competitive prices…

  • Request an estimate and see for yourself.
  • No premium for digital, no equipment rental fees for standard assignments.
  • No “Processing” or “Capture” fees. Our flat fees include high-resolution JPGs devlivered online or on DVD-Rom (Tiffs & other formats, as well as prints are also available)
  • Better, longer-lasting prints at the same old prices.

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